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New Product Sharing Conference

New Product Sharing Conference

By JinKuang, August 03,2020 03 Comments

The once-a-week new product sharing meeting has started again. The new product shared this time is a dumper truck.

Crawler dumper truck , is also called tracked dumper truck .Divided into four unlike transport  vehicles: truck-mounted digging, truck-mounted crane, and hoisting and digging in one.

Hydraulic lifting, easy to operate.

This is suitable for vegetable greenhouses loose, landscaping of municipal departments,orchard nursery tree digging, small space construction operations,reducing maintenance and operating costs, improving the degree of mechanization.

The thickness of the steel plate is 3.5mm, the structural strength is high, and the engineering track is strong.The engine can be modified, diesel, gasoline, Bailitong can also, with EPA.

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