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Safe operation of small excavators-compliance with rules and regulations

Safe operation of small excavators-compliance with rules and regulations

By JinKuang, November 18,2020 03 Comments
There is a lingo in our engineering: "All safety accidents are one cause: non-compliance with rules and regulations", so what rules and regulations do we have when driving excavators? How to avoid excavator accidents as much as possible and how to reduce excavator failures , Extend the life of the excavator? The editor sorted out some common mistakes in safe operation, and some precautions, and shared with you.

1. Remember to lock the door and do not hold the door frame

There are many masters who are accustomed to not locking the door when driving the excavator (the door of the excavator cab is locked when it is closed, and when it is opened), and they are used to holding the door frame. When the excavator is going downhill or off the trailer, many drivers will habitually push the front windshield or door frame with their left hand and operate the excavator with their right hand. At this time, if the door is open and not locked, because the fuselage is tilted forward, the door will be closed quickly due to gravity, usually with great force. Hold your hand on the door frame and you will be caught. Very serious consequences.

Therefore, when working with the excavator, the door must be locked regardless of whether it is opened or closed. The driver try not to hold the door frame by hand.

2. Matters needing attention when walking

Many novices or apprentices will raise the boom of the excavator to the highest level, fully open the stick, and open the bucket in order to make the sight better. In fact, walking like this is very dangerous. Because the working device is raised high, the center of gravity is high, and the vehicle will overturn if the ground is slightly uneven.

3. Pay attention to blind spots

The driver's cab of the excavator is on the left, and the passive arm in the middle blocks the line of sight, so there is a large blind spot on the right side, especially the rear right side. Many excavator accidents cause injuries or deaths due to the rotation of the right side of the tail! Therefore, when working on a site that is not very wide, the excavator should stay as far as possible to the left to allow more space on the right side.

Also, many people don’t pay much attention to the rearview mirrors of excavators. Rearview mirrors are very fragile on excavators. They are often knocked off during work or transportation. Many drivers will touch them if they touch it. , Anyway, it’s not important, so I didn’t put on a new rearview mirror in time. In fact, the rearview mirror on the excavator is very important, especially on the right side. Accidents often happen because of poor safety awareness!

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