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Big advantage analysis to show you different small rollers

Big advantage analysis to show you different small rollers

By JinKuang, December 03,2020 03 Comments

The small road roller is a small compaction machine that we are familiar with. The use of this product brings great convenience to our construction. The use of small road rollers has greatly increased the pace of progress from road engineering to construction. So everyone knows what are the advantages of small rollers? In the next article, we will take a look at the advantages of this product for your reference.

1. The advantages of small rollers

1. First of all, when the compact roller is small in overall size, the narrow site can be entered freely. Compared with the large roller, the small roller is more flexible and convenient, which solves the construction of the narrow site.

2. Compared with large-scale rollers, small rollers are more affordable and much cheaper than large-scale equipment. Many construction workers prefer small-scale roller equipment.

3. As mentioned earlier, the small compaction machine is small in size, so that the product can be stored conveniently when the equipment is not under construction, without taking up a lot of space, and the small roller can extend and retract the armrest, which saves storage space.

4. The small compaction machine produced by Shandong China Machinery Co., Ltd. has fine workmanship, and the surface is generally treated with plastic spray, which is not easy to corrode and prolongs the life of the equipment.

5. The small roller adopts the international famous brand Changfa air-cooled diesel engine, which has large horsepower, stronger compaction drive, fast heat dissipation and superior performance. Original imported hydraulic drive unit, electromagnetic force combined vibration, hydrostatic drive, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

2. Small rollers should be selected according to the environment

1. Choose according to the specific requirements of the project. Some projects do not have such high compaction requirements in the field. Some require compact ground compaction. Some require the road to be very flat, and some require the road to be simply suppressed. The selection of small rollers for different projects is naturally different, so before choosing a small roller, you should understand the requirements of the project.

2. Choose a small roller according to the road material. Some pavements are compacted with stones, some pavements are compacted with asphalt, and some pavements are only compacted with some soil. There are big differences between these compacted objects, so the demand for small rollers is not the same, so pay attention to this when choosing.

3. The transmission of the compressor is cleaned at least once at a time. When it is in a warm-up state, when the oil is released on the side of the transmission of the vehicle, the oil cap returns to the top. For example, turn the vibrator and run it at a low speed for 2-3 minutes to flush out the coal, clean the oil and clean for cleaning. Then add new lubricant and mark the grease on the oil surface. [For details, please refer to the relevant content of "Scientifically Operate Small Rollers to Fully Display Its Advantages and Features"]

In summary, the advantages and characteristics of the compact roller are introduced here, and everyone understands it. If you still have something you don't understand, or have other aspects that need to be understood, please continue to pay attention to our official website, and we look forward to your reading and support for more exciting information.

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