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HT08 mini excavator sent to Europe

HT08 mini excavator sent to Europe

By JinKuang, April 26,2021 03 Comments

On April 26, the HT08 mini excavator produced by Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation was installed in the industrial park and will soon be shipped to Europe. At present, the mini excavators produced by Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation are highly efficient, easy to maintain, and have long service life. They are highly praised by new and old customers.

When it comes to the application of mini excavators in the agricultural field, the first thing that comes to mind is the garden. The characteristics of garden operations are complex terrain, small space, and huge workload, and the small excavator, which is known for its flexibility, can come in handy. Planting trees and digging pits, ground rectification, trench digging, etc., these previous manual operations were replaced by excavators, which saves time and effort and greatly improves efficiency. The unique boom structure design of the HT08 mini excavator makes the pipeline unblocked before operation. The protective cover protects the pipeline from damage. All structural parts are finely processed. Shot blasting, pickling and baking are used to complete the process. The surface has high gloss and high paint adhesion. Choose an excavator to find Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation, which is trustworthy!

The excavator produced by Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation has successfully passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification system and CE certification. It has strong power, low fuel consumption, easy start-up, and good economic performance.

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