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Precautions for electric shock prevention of small excavators

Precautions for electric shock prevention of small excavators

By JinKuang, July 23,2021 03 Comments

As we all know, the situation at the construction site is complicated and life may be in danger at all times. Therefore, it is necessary to master some timely escape skills.

Electric shock

Cabin safety

The exterior of the excavator is made of steel, while the interior is insulated. At this time, if the cable is cut or receives an electric shock, the driver of the excavator is safe indoors, but the whole excavator and within 10 meters will be live, so it is necessary not to approach or touch the external body of the excavator at this time.

Don't get out of the car and run away

Remember to never get out of the car and escape. The owner of the excavator must operate calmly and slowly move the excavator away from the power source. If the situation does not allow you to do this operation at this time, you must wait patiently for rescue. At this time, the external voltage is distributed on one ring, and the legs are placed on different rings, and you will be electrocuted within 10 meters.

Spark with voltage

If the limit state is reached, the excavator will be impacted and caught on fire. The owner of the excavator must jump out of the car, jump up like a rabbit, and walk 10 meters away.

How to avoid it?

Before construction, all inspections should be done. If you are not sure, do not start construction without authorization to avoid danger. If you do not get confirmation from the relevant personnel, please note that any route must be kept at a distance of more than three meters. Excavator masters should wear good quality insulated shoes, not slippers, sandals and bare feet.

The above are some safety knowledge about electric shock, welcome to inquire for more excavator questions!

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