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HT12 small excavator sent to the United States

HT12 small excavator sent to the United States

By JinKuang, August 16,2021 03 Comments

On August 16, the HT12 small excavator was installed in the Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation Industrial Park and will soon be shipped to the United States. At present, Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.

The HT12 excavator is easy to operate and reliable in quality. It is widely used in highways, railways, construction, hydropower, ports and mines and other construction projects. Rugged mountain roads, muddy, cement roads and various terrains can be easily handled. It is also suitable for indoor damage, basement and other places. It has the characteristics of simple operation and easy learning, low maintenance and use cost, and good equipment stability. It is a good helper for the majority of farmers' friends.

HT12 excavator features

1. Lightweight operation, convenient operation device, in line with a new generation of ergonomic work environment.

2. The Changchai engine and small agricultural excavator carried by the pipeline trench mini-crawler excavator have the characteristics of strong power, low noise, low emissions, low fuel consumption, and convenient maintenance.

3. The reinforced crawler effectively enhances the wear resistance of the crawler and prolongs the service life of the crawler.

4. The hydraulic management layout of the agricultural orchard mini excavator is reasonable, which greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system.

5. Highly accurate instrument is the intelligent monitoring steward of excavator.

HT12 excavator performance

1. The small excavator has excellent work efficiency and cost-effective;

2. The standard configuration of the excavator is a bulldozing shovel that can level the ground, backfill the earth, and increase the stability of the whole machine;

3. The orchard excavator is simple to operate, compact and flexible, and easy to transport. It can work in a small area. It is especially suitable for orchards such as kiwi, vineyard, orange, navel orange, digging trenches, fertilizing, weeding, etc.;

4. The agricultural excavator has the functions of digging, crushing, hook cleaning, drilling and bulldozing, and can quickly replace accessories, greatly improving the utilization rate of the machine.

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