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Hazards of high temperature work to small rollers and preventive methods

Hazards of high temperature work to small rollers and preventive methods

By JinKuang, March 26,2022 03 Comments
In the summer when the weather is hotter, it can be said that it is difficult for people to go out. Why are mechanical equipment not a living body also afraid of heat? Yes, the small roller equipment is also afraid of high temperature, and the high temperature will make the small roller equipment difficult to use. Appropriate temperature, whether it is work or rest, people's mood is good, it is not difficult to understand, small road rollers also need a suitable temperature environment when working, if the equipment is used in an environment that exceeds the working temperature, it will give the equipment itself. cause great damage. Due to the hot weather in summer, the engine temperature is high, and it is easy to cause failure, resulting in the engine not being able to dissipate heat normally and reducing power. Irregular maintenance of the engine will lead to the drop of high temperature operation and the lack of oxygen in the lubricating oil, resulting in carbon deposition.

Experiments show that the engine power will drop by about 3% when the working temperature rises by 20°C when the engine exceeds 30°C. Small rollers often work in an environment of 50°C, which means that the engine power is reduced by about 4%. The high temperature causes the viscosity of the lubricating oil to decrease, and it is not easy to form a lubricating oil film, which reduces the lubrication effect. Under high temperature conditions, the anti-oxidative stability of lubricating oil drops sharply, which directly causes the deterioration of lubricating oil, so that the colloid and sediment of lubricating oil adhere to the surface of piston, cylinder wall and other parts, and the thermal conductivity declines, aggravating the deterioration of lubricating oil. Wear on components. The reduction of the working oil quality of the road roller at high temperature is easy to cause extravasation and internal leakage, which reduces the rate of the hydraulic drive shaft system and makes the hydraulic drive shaft weak.

Everyone has learned about the hazards of small road rollers at high temperatures and how to prevent them. I hope it can help everyone. When purchasing, you can choose some well-known vibratory roller manufacturers to buy. Because manufacturers with a certain reputation have certain advantages in the technical team, and have a good reputation.

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