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Crawler trucks sent to the United States

Crawler trucks sent to the United States

By JinKuang, April 16,2022 03 Comments

On April 16, the crawler transport vehicle was loaded in the Jinkung Industrial Park and will be sent to the United States. 

Crawler transport vehicle is a kind of commonly used crawler-type walking special vehicle. It is widely used in large, medium and small projects such as agriculture, mining, water conservancy, etc. It is used for earthwork, rock, coal and other displacement work. Crawler transport vehicles can be divided into light-duty crawler transport vehicles and heavy-duty crawler transport vehicles according to their rated working capacity (carrying capacity).

The tracked transport vehicle is very different from the previous agricultural vehicles on the wheels. Its special design can make it adapt to various road conditions, and some road conditions are even extremely harsh. Whether it is paddy fields, field roads with potholes, uneven mountain roads, and swamps that are easy to sink in, it can drive easily.

1. The crawler tractor with simple structure and stable transmission is easy to operate and very intelligent for many friends in the agricultural industry.

Second, the crawler transport vehicle can adapt to a variety of harsh road conditions.

Third, due to its system design, the actual fuel consumption is very low.

Fourth, the power of the crawler transport vehicle is strong, whether it is uphill or similar environment, it is relatively easy.

5. It is very flexible and easy to operate.

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