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HTS450 Mini Crawler Skid Steer Loader

Project Information

Project Description

Description of HT450 Mini Skid Steer Loader :

Replace manual labor, toss out the hand tools and get more done in hard-to-access work areas.

Easy-to-use mini HTS450 loader travel and work where other machines can’t, making them a

popular choice for landscapers, contractors, renters and others.

Features of HT450 Mini Skid Steer Loader :  

Top Features

Superior Performance

Attachment Versatility

Ride-On/Walk-Behind Convenience

Compact Size

Minimal Ground Disturbance

They do serious work: digging, trenching, tilling, moving material and more.

Technical parameters of Mini Skid Steer Loader  :  

Applicationsof Mini Skid Steer Loader :

HT450which can quickly connect several accessories to achieve different jobs,

one machine is multi-purpose, with forklifts, excavators, trenchers, augers,cultivators, sweepers, snow blowers, excavators, drilling machines, crushers have the same functions.