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What are the advantages of wheel excavators?

What are the advantages of wheel excavators?

By JinKuang, August 06,2020 03 Comments

The wheeled excavator has compact structure, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The ideal working machine for agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, engineering construction and other small space construction is the ideal equipment to replace the labor force and liberate the future labor force. Its advantages are mainly as follows:


1. Three pumps and three pumps of compound oil supply make the boom, arm and rotation form an independent hydraulic system, realizing fast and stable operation.


2. Using walking device, the performance is more stable and the quality is more reliable.


3. The main valve adopts imported HUSCO (Hersk), which has excellent performance and excellent operation performance. It can be broken by installing a breaker with a broken pipe and a control device.


4. Eaton rotary motor is adopted, with reliable quality, large displacement, large torque and strong adaptability to working conditions.


ModelHT40 Small Excavator

ModelHT70 Wheel Excavator

ModelHT80 Wheel Excavator

5. The integrated instrument panel displays parameters such as water temperature, oil pressure and running time.


6. Special armrest box, the left box can be raised and lowered, the swing angle is small, and the humanized design is beautiful and easy to go up and down.


7. The unique boom side shift function of the wheel excavator adapts to the structure of various narrow boundaries (wall roots, pipes, indoors, etc.)!


The above is an introduction to the advantages of wheeled excavators. If you want to know more, please pay attention to our website.

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