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How to clean the oil tank of a mini excavator

How to clean the oil tank of a mini excavator

By JinKuang, August 26,2020 03 Comments

1. Purge method. That is, part of the diesel is stored in the fuel tank, and then the compressed air of 19.6~29.4KPa is passed into the bottom of the fuel tank with a plastic pipe, so that the diesel is tossed and cleaned, and the position and direction of the lower end of the air pipe are constantly changed to clean the entire fuel tank. The diesel oil in the fuel tank is released immediately after purging, and the impurities suspended in the oil are replaced by the diesel. If the replaced diesel is dirty, clean it again with the above method until the released oil contains no impurities.

2. Steam method. Drain the diesel, remove the fuel tank, and then fill most of the tank with water into the diesel tank, and introduce the steam into the water from the fuel filler port with a pipe to make the water in the diesel tank boil for about 1 hour. The glue on the inner wall and the remaining diesel molecules can dissolve in water. Lightweight dirt floats on the water and is washed away. This way twice in a row, the diesel tank can be flushed clean.
3. Solvent method. Clean the diesel tank of the roadheader with hot water, and then blow it dry with compressed air to remove the diesel vapor inside. Finally, the diesel tank is immersed in an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide. After soaking, rinse the inside and outside of the diesel tank with clean water. If there is rust on the outside, use a wire brush to clean it. Removal of cooling system dirt. Inject 15% sodium hydroxide solution into the system, and run the diesel engine after 8-12 hours. If the cylinder head of the Shandong China Machinery Co., Ltd. excavator is of aluminum alloy structure, it can be stopped by silicon when it rises to 80-90℃. Discharge the lotion immediately to prevent the scale suspended in the solution from depositing in the waterway, and then clean the system with water until it is cleaned. Sodium sodium 50g, liquid soap 20g, and 10kg of water are added to prepare a cleaning solution, run for about 1 hour at the working temperature of the excavator, then release the lotion, and then wash with water.

0.8T mini excavator【view】

1T mini excavator【view】

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1.8T mini excavator【view】

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