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Driving skills of small road rollers

Driving skills of small road rollers

By JinKuang, September 09,2020 03 Comments

Compared with ordinary large rollers, small rollers are simple to operate and easy to use. However, you still need to master some operating procedures when operating. Haituo Machinery has compiled the operating procedures of small rollers and the advantages and characteristics of small rollers for everyone. With these contents, I believe you will be able to easily control a small roller.
1. Operating procedures of small rollers:
When the roller is used for the first time, because the parts are new and the surface is rough, it cannot be operated for a long time; the operator should read the instructions in advance to understand the performance and structure of the roller when using the roller for the first time; because the parts are just assembled , Has not been put into use normally. Once it is impacted or heated during use, it is easy to loosen the originally tight parts; before starting work, check whether there are obstacles or unrelated personnel around the machine; when two rollers are working at the same time, Keep a distance of 3 meters in the middle. In order to avoid collisions; the roller cannot be parked on a slope. If you need to park on a slope, you must first lay wooden stakes to prevent the car from slipping; repairs are not allowed during use. If any malfunction is found, stop immediately and check the cause of the malfunction, such as If you can't solve it, contact the manufacturer for repairs in time; do not use the roller to drag other machinery or objects.


1T Full Hydraulic Roller

1.5T Full Hydraulic Roller

Small Driving Roller(Water Cooled Diesel Engine)


Small Driving Roller( Diesel oil )

Hand Type Single Wheel Roller( Gasoline )

Walking Behind Double Wheel Road Roller (Water cooled diesel engine)

2. Advantages of small rollers:
1) First of all, the overall volume of the small roller is small. During construction, the narrow site can be entered freely. Compared with the large roller, the small roller is more flexible and convenient in action, which solves the construction of the narrow site.
2) Compared with large-scale rollers, small rollers are more affordable and much cheaper than large-scale equipment. Many construction workers prefer small-sized roller equipment.
3As mentioned earlier, the small compaction machine is small in size, so when the equipment is not under construction, the product can be stored conveniently without taking up a lot of space, and the small compaction machine can extend and retract the armrest, which saves storage. space.
This is the end of the introduction to the small rollers. I believe that by reading the above content, you can solve the current problems. If you want to know about the products and technical issues, you can continue to pay attention to the Haituo roller manufacturer's website, we will occasionally Update the relevant knowledge of small rollers.

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