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How to change hydraulic oil for mini excavator, crawler excavator and wheel excavator?

How to change hydraulic oil for mini excavator, crawler excavator and wheel excavator?

By JinKuang, October 03,2020 03 Comments

1. Read the manual of the excavator in detail, the working principle, operating procedures, maintenance and use requirements of the excavator hydraulic system.

2. Prepare new oil according to the oil product specified in the manual, and the new oil should be settled for less than 48h before use. This is because if you only replace the hydraulic oil in the oil tank instead of replacing all the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the whole machine, then the old oil is actually blended with the new oil for a long time. If two hydraulic oils of different grades are blended together, It will cause the oil to deteriorate.

3. Prepare tools for disassembling various pipe joints, oil filter for filling new oil, filter element of hydraulic system, etc. If you choose original parts for replacement, the effect will be better.

4. Prepare cleaning fluid, brushes and silk cloth for wiping, etc. to facilitate the cleaning of the small excavator.

5. Prepare an oil poke containing waste oil. Because old hydraulic oil cannot flow out directly, recycling the waste oil can reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

6. Choose a flat and solid site to ensure that the machine can rotate without obstacles when the bucket and stick arms are fully extended. After the boom is fully raised, it will not touch any obstacles. The distance from the wire should be greater than 2 meters. the above.

7. Prepare 4 sleepers to block the track back and forth.

8. At least 4 operators are required, one driver, one on-site commander, and two oil change personnel.

9. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited at the work site. When changing the oil, it is best to complete it on the same day, not overnight, because the moisture in the air will form water vapor at night or when the temperature is lowered, which will condense into water droplets or frost. Entering the hydraulic system will rust metal parts and cause hidden troubles.

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