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8 popular advantages of static roller compactors

8 popular advantages of static roller compactors

By JinKuang, May 25,2021 03 Comments

Road rollers are a large-scale equipment that we should often see when building roads. There are also many types of road rollers, not the one we see. Static roller roller is one of the more widely used large-scale roller equipment. It can compact gravel, gravel, sand, sand-gravel mixture, asphalt concrete and cinder and other materials. It is an ideal compaction equipment for the construction of roads, railways, municipal engineering, airports, industrial sites and parking lots.

Advantages of static roller compactor:

1. Comfortable driving

The spacious and bright cab has a wide view, comfortable and cozy. Air conditioning can be selected according to customer needs.

2. Unique structure

Articulated steering, even when cornering or changing compaction lanes, central articulation can ensure proper overlap of steel wheels and the same width over the entire compaction

Force to avoid car marks.

3. Superior performance

Power sprinkler can be selected and controlled according to user requirements to prevent asphalt sticking. The sprinkler system has three levels of filtration, and the sprinkling is smooth.

4. Sophisticated configuration

Special drive axle for rollers, maintenance-free battery, to ensure the reliability of the whole machine. The front and rear wheels are equipped with mud scraping devices, and there are sand filling ports, which can adjust the line load Lotus.

5. Convenient operation

The transmission adopts a car box with a synchronizer, three forwards and two retreats, which can meet the needs of compaction and transfer site respectively, and the gear shift is controlled by a single handle.

At the same time, the operation is light and flexible, and the hand feels comfortable, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the driver. It adopts air-assisted clutch and flexible shaft control technology.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection

High-performance low-noise turbocharged diesel engine with reliable quality and good economic performance. Meet emission requirements.

7. Safe and reliable

The braking system is divided into emergency braking and hand braking. The emergency brake adopts an air-over oil brake system, and the safety performance of the whole machine is durable and reliable;

The brake adopts soft shaft control, which is safe and reliable. Use neutral start protection to improve driving safety.

8. Easy maintenance

The engine hood is easy to open, and the common maintenance points are exposed, which is convenient for maintenance, reduces the failure rate, shortens the downtime, and saves the maintenance cost use.

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