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What to do if the tires of crawler trucks slip

What to do if the tires of crawler trucks slip

By JinKuang, May 29,2021 03 Comments

Crawler transporter is a commonly used transporter, its use effect is very good, and it has high working efficiency and powerful functions. The scope of application is wide. However, tire slip is unavoidable for every vehicle. Here's how to deal with tire slip of a crawler truck:

1. If the front wheel of the tracked transporter slips, the steering wheel cannot be turned. The vehicle should be facing forward and the vehicle should be straight forward until it stops at an obstacle. If the wheel rotates, the steering wheel can be turned until the recovery is normal. .

2. When the rear wheel of the Cangzha crawler transporter slips, the rear body slides, no matter which direction the number of vehicles declines, the direction of the anti-skid steering wheel during this period and ensure that there is no brake, all movements should be as gentle as possible.

3. When the four wheels of the Cangzha crawler truck slip, the speed of the car is faster than usual. When we don’t find the grip in the front, all actions should be gentle, so that the vehicle will run slowly until it slips.

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