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Details of maintenance of hydraulic cylinders for small excavators

Details of maintenance of hydraulic cylinders for small excavators

By JinKuang, June 04,2021 03 Comments

Due to the nature of the excavator's working environment, it should be paid attention to in daily maintenance. When it comes to the maintenance of hydraulic cylinders of excavators, I think everyone knows that the purpose is to contaminate the hydraulic oil. The specific measures are as follows:

1. Regularly replace the oil in the hydraulic cylinder and clean the filter screen to ensure its internal and external cleanliness;

2. Ensure the degree of lubrication of its components to prevent them from wearing and working in an oil-free state;

3. Check the tightness of bolts and other parts to prevent them from loosening and causing mechanical operation failures;

4. Control the oil temperature to prevent the oil temperature from being too high. When the machine is operated in a high temperature environment for a long time, the sealing parts will be greatly worn out. As time goes by, the sealing parts will be aging and deformed, so that the sealing effect cannot be achieved;

5. To prevent the occurrence of undesirable damage such as scratches, the sand and dust in the sealed dust-proof ring should be cleaned regularly to block the source of hydraulic oil pollution.

Many operators blindly pursue the progress of the construction period and will operate and use the machine for a long time without interruption. As everyone knows, such behavior will seriously cause mechanical overload operation, which will greatly affect the service life of the machine. When the machine is overloaded, it will seriously cause mechanical loss and aggravate the wear of parts. In the long run, it will seriously affect the use of the machine and the efficiency of construction work.

In different seasons, we should also choose different oils for use. Due to the high temperature in summer and cold in winter, high pressure and condensation will occur in the mechanical oil tank. Therefore, choosing different hydraulic oils can be well adapted to the weather. Some fault issues. In addition, during the construction work, try to choose a spacious and flat road surface for work, which has reduced unnecessary machine damage.

Today's hydraulic systems are equipped with advanced functions of high stability and automation. Nevertheless, in daily work, we still need to use and maintain in strict accordance with the standardized operating methods. Only when the hydraulic system is correctly and operated can the machine serve the machine during operation and enable the machine to complete a job.

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