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Precautions for hydraulic oil of small excavator crusher

Precautions for hydraulic oil of small excavator crusher

By JinKuang, July 02,2021 03 Comments

If your excavator often uses a crusher, the reason for the blackening of hydraulic oil is not only impurities, but also the irregularity of the grease.

When replacing the boring machine with the excavating machine, it is necessary to lift the broken hammer and press the steel into the piston. Only half of the standard grease gun is needed for each filling. Because if the steel is not pressed when adding the butter, the butter will be placed at the upper limit of the steel trough. When the steel is working, the butter will directly hit the main oil seal and piston of the circuit breaker. The reciprocating motion brings the butter into the cylinder of the circuit breaker, and then the hydraulic oil in the cylinder of the circuit breaker is mixed into the hydraulic system of the excavator, and the hydraulic oil deteriorates and turns black.

Here are a variety of single actions, starting from the bottom, do the top and bottom of the bulldozer first, do the top and bottom of the bulldozer. When you look at the top or don’t touch the structure at all, try to push the shovel down to lift the whole machine. Stay for a few minutes at the time to see if there is any automatic fall, if there is leakage in the cylinder or the inside of the valve core;

Try again, first move forward about 10 meters at the same time, and then return about 10 meters at the same time, to see if there is any obvious deviation. If there is a significant deviation, uneven oil path, and need to be repaired, then go on one side and walk forward and backward to see if it succeeds. When the engine is at a medium speed, it should be able to walk on one side. (Idle speed is not common when walking on one side and is usually not included in the scope of the fault).

Try the rotation again. There should be two kinds of fast operation and slow operation when testing the rotation operation. When the operation is slow, whether the rotation response is too slow or too fast, too slow means that the guide handle does not rotate one-third of the stroke. Action too fast means that the handle starts to move slightly, the swing action starts immediately, the reaction is too fast, and the braking performance is also tested. After the handle stops operating, it should be rotated again. Some have poor braking performance and may have to turn 180 degrees to stop. This is a problem. I have to deal with it. I personally think that the second mobile phone’s braking range is less than 45 degrees, and it is considered qualified;

Try buckets, sticks and booms. There is no strict standard for speed. It is usually felt by hand, but it can be provided here. The bucket extends and takes the entire stroke for about 3 seconds. The stick stretches and closes. The whole journey is about 4.5 seconds, the boom will rise or fall to the end, about 5 seconds, if the movement is too fast or too slow, the machine will usually feel it directly. Too fast and too slow are problems. Too slow affects efficiency, too fast, it is easy to damage the machine, it should be repaired, and the value will decrease.

Small excavator hydraulic oil often has problems, so we must maintain it well and observe more.

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