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What is the difference between diesel and gasoline used in small rollers?

What is the difference between diesel and gasoline used in small rollers?

By JinKuang, July 06,2021 03 Comments

There must be many people who prefer diesel engines. However, there are still people who choose small rollers with gasoline engines. Therefore, further in-depth analysis is needed. The diesel fuel mixture is carried out in the combustion chamber, and the high-pressure injection of diesel fuel enters the combustion chamber. After compression and self-ignition, it works in the manner of fuel injection and combustion. This method inevitably causes the fuel mixture to be uneven, and local oxygen deficiency will occur during the combustion process. The fuel is carbonized under high temperature and oxygen deficiency, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion. We often see black smoke from diesel engines formed in this way.

Gasoline has smaller molecules and is easier to mix with air, and it is not easy to separate from air in a mixed state. Gasoline and air are mixed evenly, and there is basically no case that the gasoline density in the mixed gas is too low or too rich. Therefore, gasoline engines have extremely strong volatility, while diesel engines are difficult to volatility. In winter when the weather is cold, gasoline engines use ignition type combustion, which is easy to start. For diesel, when the temperature drops to a certain level, solidified objects will appear in inferior oil, and the oil pipe will often be frozen, making it difficult to start. Need to inject hot water into the fuel tank, or preheat for several times to start.

Therefore, gasoline engines and diesel engines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here, Sao recommends that users choose engine rollers with different fuels according to environmental requirements and conditions when purchasing small rollers.

It is recommended to purchase a small single-drum vibratory roller with a gasoline engine, whose fuel consumption is not significantly different from that of a diesel engine, and the speed kinetic energy is not much different from that of a diesel engine. It is easy to start in winter and has low noise.

To buy a small double drum roller, it is recommended to buy a diesel model. Because the body of the double drum small roller is larger than that of the single drum small roller, it requires more power. It is better to choose a diesel engine that can provide higher kinetic energy. 

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