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6 HT10B mini excavator sent to Italy

6 HT10B mini excavator sent to Italy

By JinKuang, August 11,2022 03 Comments

On August 10, the HT10b mini excavator was loaded in the Jinkung Industrial Park and will be sent to Italy soon. At present, Jinkung Industrial's excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.

The model of the micro excavator shipped this time is HT10b, Japanese main hydraulic pump, Italian main valve, Italian swing motor and travel motor. This is a compact excavator, the Changchai 192F engine - strong power and stable work, popular science engine - meets European emission requirements. Briggs & Stratton Engines—Meet U.S. emissions requirements. Other plants can only use regular diesel engines, which cannot meet US and European emissions requirements.

The whole vehicle of HT10b small excavator is sandblasted, acid washed, phosphated and sprayed, which can increase the adhesion of paint molecules, and is more durable, non-bleaching and smoother.

The HT10b excavator can also be used with augers, grippers, rakes, scarifiers, narrow buckets and other attachments to meet different construction occasions.

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