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HT15 mini excavator exported to Russia

HT15 mini excavator exported to Russia

By JinKuang, September 20,2022 03 Comments

On September 20, the HT15 mini excavator produced by our company was packed in wooden boxes in the industrial park and shipped to Russia. Russian customers ordered the new model for the first time. On the basis of the original excavators, the two small excavators exported to Russia this time were customized and produced according to customer requirements, and changed to LCL shipments in wooden cases, saving customers expensive transportation costs.

In recent years, our company has implemented the development strategy of "others do not have me, others have me" in response to the needs of domestic and foreign users for a more humanized, personalized and targeted market. Break gaps and maximize innovation. For example, a small excavator independently developed dozens of new products, completely completed the optimized design of the old products, improved the technological content, quality and appearance of the products to a higher level, and obtained the EU CE certification.

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